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Daniel's Story

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As with most patients, going to the doctor’s office is not something I particularly looked forward to doing. However, my experience at Orlando Family Medicine has changed my mind set. With my experiences at other physician practices, it seems that you get there and no matter what time you have your appointment, you end up waiting to be seen. Then after all your time waiting you get a very brief once over by a physician or practitioner as they breeze in and out of the room. Not true at Orlando Family Medicine.

When I first visited Orlando Family Medicine I checked in and settled into a chair in the waiting room ready for a long wait, imagine my surprise when exactly at my scheduled time the medical assistant came out and called my name. She took me to the back, performed my vitals and right after she was finished in walked Yasmin, the Nurse Practitioner. Yasmin spent plenty of time asking me questions and getting a good understanding of why I came in. Then she took a few minutes to really involve me in the care plan she was prescribing for me and explained why she was prescribing the medicine that she was.

This had been the first time in ages that I can remember leaving a doctor’s office and feeling I had received the time and attention I deserved, not to mention educated about what I needed to do to get better faster. Every visit since then has been nearly the same extraordinary experience. This office and its staff run like a Swiss clock and are always dedicated to involving the patient in their healthcare.

- Daniel Pendleton